: The hermetically sealed register complete which contains gears and counter wheel is completely isolated from water
: magnet protection ring so that magnet drive can not be badly influenced and stopped by another magnet from outside of this Meter.
: Sensitivity at the flow rate and with precise accuracy that is preserved for
long period, as the stuffing box and gland friction have been omitted
: The flow quantity is precisely and easily read from
the smallest volume units without mistake.
: Pilot star in the center of Dial Plate is directly coupled with Vane Wheel ; quick check of flow sensitive, help to detect the leakage in water supply tube
: The Register and Vane Wheel are an interchangeable unit at the lowest cost
: Passed the precision test standard from the Weight and Measure Division / The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority / The Provincial Waterworks Authority
: Water pressure test for seepage, leakage and gear train 100% before sales
: 1 Size ; 1/2″

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Remark :
The product has received industrial product standards (TIS) 3078-2563

Remark :

TIS 3078-2563
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