“ To become ASEAN’s leader in waterworks solution and innovation”
We will be the leader in the ASEAN market as a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality plumbing equipment and systems through innovative products, services and solutions that meet all customer needs.

Customer & Society
Create quality and standard products with modern technology with due regard for the environment that is friendly to the community.
Business partner
It is the best choice for partners with confidence and trust in quality products and services that exceed their expectations.
Support continuous professional competence development, building a ready organization, change and learning in a positive working environment.

: Solution for better living.
Products and services are produced to meet the needs of consumers.
A: Aim at any high-quality brass alloy in water and sanitary systems.
Focus on quality in the production of products and services for water supply and sanitation with high-quality brass raw materials.
N: Never stop learning and developing to create high-quality products and services.
Never stop learning and developing in the production of quality products and services.
W: Work as a professional to serve customers’ needs.
Operate with professionalism to meet customer needs.
A: Appropriated world latest technology used.
Always produce products with modern technology.


1950: Khun Udom Chindasook founded a chrome plating factory with tenacity and hard effort, involving personnel at all levels of the organization until the initial factory grew and succeeded.

1962: Chindasook  Chromium Juristic Partnership is formed to operate a plumbing pipe and plumbing equipment retail company by purchasing products from domestic producers.

1967: Establish a legal partnership under the name ” Chindasook Commercial” by expanding its business as a distributor and importer of products from abroad, such as importing water meter products “Asahi” (ASAHI) from Japan and a brass sluice from Italy, as well as being chosen as a contractor for the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s installation of water supply pipes.

ASAHI is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality water meters. It was established in 1981. In 1967, the ASAHI brand was introduced to Thailand for the first time. Thai waterworks are on the rise in this era. At the time, O.K.K., a Japanese producer of ASAHI brand water meters, had entered the Thai waterworks market and was looking for a distributor. Chindasook Chromium Partnership, which was selling water supply equipment and working as a plumbing contractor for the Metropolitan Waterworks at the time, was chosen and assigned as an official distributor in Thailand by Mr. Udom Chindasook, the company’s owner. The company later grew into a legal partnership. ” Chindasook Commercial” is the moniker given to Chindasook. Mr. Udom Chindasook formed Bangkok Materials Co., Ltd. in 1979 to be a distributor and importer of water supply items from abroad, including water meters “Asahi” (ASAHI) from Japan, brass sluices from Italy, pipes, and plumbing equipment contractors. Across the country, there were over 120 dealers.

Mr. Udom Chindasook started Asahi-Thai Alloy Company Limited, Thailand’s first water meter assembly factory, in 1981, with more than 14 years of experience. He got investment promotion from the Board of Investment (BOI) and for the first time in Thailand began producing water meters under the ASAHI brand by buying a license to be a producer to supply to the Waterworks alone. Japan’s Osaka Kiko Co., Ltd. (Osaka Kiko Co., Ltd.) provides production help. Water meters bearing the ASAHI brand are currently exclusively available in Thailand.

In the year 1984, ATACO was started. After Mr. Udom Chindasook created the ASAHI-THAI ALLOY plant for three years (1981), to build and market water supply equipment used with water meters to replace imported from overseas to suit the needs of consumers, it becames a brand of plumbing equipment used with ASAHI water meters. It has been trusted by Thailand’s Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, Provincial Waterworks Authority, and diverse projects until it got the industrial production standard mark and extended production capacity to export products to other nations. The first water meter factory in Thailand, ASAHI-THAI ALLOY, inspired the brand name ATACO.


In 1991, SANWA was founded. It is a brand of high-quality brass plumbing fittings that was developed 10 years after the ASAHI-THAI ALLOY plant was founded. The goal is to immediately fulfill the needs of consumers so that high-quality, safe water supply equipment can be used. The product’s main features are its durability, extended service life, safety, and lack of rust, as stated in the tagline “Brass is sturdy and will not rust.” The commercial of the “Nong Nim” series in 2002, in addition to the highlight of the product’s excellence, is what has made it known to this day. Since then, the SANWA brand has grown in popularity.
Because the brand name SANWA is taken from Japanese, it also corresponds to the Japanese brand name ASAHI. In terms of quality, international brands were more popular than Thai names at the time. Mr. Pongsak Chindasook (2nd generation executive) was inspired by his experience working in Japan and loved the name SANWA, which symbolizes three generations of peace.

SANWA comes from two Japanese words: 三和
三 (SAN) means three
和(Wa) means unity and peace

RAMBO was founded in the year 2001. It is a Fighting Brand for high-quality plumbing equipment at an affordable price, constructed of solid brass, which is robust and does not rust. It was formed in 2001 to address the needs of consumers who want to utilize high-quality items at a reasonable price with the “Rambo” look, which expresses strength, is a winning fighter, survives, and is tough in every aspect.

In 2010, Drago was founded. In 2005, Asahi-Thai Alloy Company Limited, a manufacturer of high-quality water meters and plumbing equipment under the SANWA ASAHI ATACO RAMBO brand, was chosen to construct a water supply system enhancement project for the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) project under the scope of work.
When it comes to “water,” the existing water supply has a different impact on how much water users consume. Is the difference between what is “lost water” and where it goes, such as leaking pipes or water theft, significant? Without a robust review and management system, finding these answers is challenging. As a result, for the water supply organization to be necessary, it must have a solid water loss management system. Modern information systems and technologies are now being utilized to aid in the storage of data such as the amount of water in the system, water consumption, water flow rate, water pressure, and so on. It also aids in data analysis and presentation in various reports. Effective water loss management is in place. It also aids in the organization’s systematic management. The “Water Loss Management System” was successfully developed.
From over 70 years of experience in the water supply and sanitation system with various government and private agencies nationwide, as well as participation in the development of water supply system improvement projects to reduce water loss as part of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s (MEA) Water Reduction Project. With an understanding of Thailand’s water supply system and the project’s success in reducing water loss in all Bangkok regions, we are devoted to continuously creating solutions with current technology to enable consumers and entrepreneurs to utilize modern technologies for handling water and electricity systems for public and private sector computers and cellphones. It will save time, minimize water waste, and increase quality of life in the digital age by being convenient, accurate, and rapid.
Drago was the inspiration for the brand name Drago, which was created by Mr. Pongsak Chindasook (2nd generation executive). According to Chinese beliefs, it means “dragon” or “god of water,” and it signifies “managing and directing the entire water system.”

ABR was founded in 2012. Brass wires are made by this company. The company was previously known by the same name as the water meter plant. Asahi-Thai Alloy Co., Ltd. developed and supplied brass wires for plumbing goods from various SANWA brands for corporations, industrial factories, and other customers in order to promote future growth. Furthermore, the Board of Investment (BOI) has given it investment promotion for domestic sales. Asahi Brass Rod Co., Ltd. was renamed and re-registered. It sells brass wires both domestically and internationally while maintaining the worldwide standard of high-quality brass manufacture.

ASAHI BRASS ROD CO., LTD. is abbreviated as ABR.

SANWA JET was established in 2017. It’s a washing line brand that grew out of the sanitary ware line’s expansion. Mr. Pongchai Chindasook, a second-generation executive, was inspired by the Middle Eastern name JET, which means “quick.” SANWA JET signifies “durability, strength, and rapid growth.”