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SANWA’s Website
This Website is owned and maintained by BANGKOK MATERIAL CO., LTD.. The purposes of this Website are to be the source and provider of various information of the Chindasook group’s products and services.
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Information on this Website
The website “Sanwa.co.th” displays the descriptions of the products for a composition of your consideration to purchase the products of which the Company is unable to warrant or represent that such descriptions are without any errors. Therefore, if You are uncertain or need further information, please contact Call Center, Tel. 02-1295499 (Mon.-Fri. 08.00-18.00) or Line official account: @sanwathailand, before deciding to make an order of any products. The website “Sanwa.co.th” intentionally displays the pictures of the product at its accurate colors; however, the colors being displayed on your computer monitor may be inaccurate according to the different setting of the computer monitor.

Sale and Purchase Order Condition
1. The purchase of the products and services shall be complete upon the full payment of the product and service and acceptance of this Terms and Conditions according to the registration as a member of this website. Promotion (Sales Promotion) which have been offered, will be able to be used only for the purchase of the products through the website “Sanwa.co.th” and cannot be applied for the purchase of product through application or at the Company’s stores.
2. Product Sale and Purchase Order. The Product will be delivered to You: (*in accordance with the delivery conditions as specified in Clause 8 hereof)
3. The Company will make a confirmation of delivery of the products upon your payment of the purchase price and examination of the Company.
4. Delivery will be performed according to order number. The products purchased under the same order number may be delivered separately according to the type of merchandise as it deems fit.
5. The product will be delivered to the address which is specified in the address for delivering the product only and the delivering address cannot be amended after the confirmation of the delivery.
6. Reserve the rights to not deliver the product to a P.O.box, the product shall be delivered only to the address clearly specified.
7. Delivery time period may be changed, the Company shall give you the prior notice.
8. Upon the receipt of the products, please inspect the product before signing for acceptance of the products in the bill of lading for your own benefit, If the defect is founded, please notify the Company through Sanwa Call Center 02-1295499 (Mon.-Fri. 08.00-18.00 น.) or Line official account : @sanwathailand immediately.

Any order placing for products and services on this website by You, your representative or the unauthorized third parties who use your password in order to buy products and services with your consent or by your improvident/ negligence action, You, as the owner of the password, agree to accept responsibility for all activities in all respects that occur under your account and password without any dispute or claim.
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