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: Kích thước nhỏ gọn và đáng đồng tiền
: Chống rò rỉ kép với 2 vòng cao su
: Làm bằng đồng chất lượng cao, bền và không gỉ
: Tay van kiểu cách mới, có khả năng đóng mở đến 20.000 lần
: có 5 màu sắc; Vàng, Hồng, Xanh dương, Tím và Xanh lá

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Made of high quality brass with durable and no rust

All pieces of product made of no rust materials ;

  • Body of product made of high quality brass with JIS standard (Japanese Industrial Standards)
  • Teflon / O-ring made of high quality material with no rust
  • Others componence made of high quality material with no rust

For last long usage, Durable, No rust and safe for customer and the environment

Resistant to frequent opening-closing, smooth flow, not stuck.

All mechanical parts made from brass and use hot forging technology in production to make a better smooth appearance without any tiny holes, no chance of leakage and makes the work of the internal mechanisms flow smoothly, not jammed, prolonging the service life.​


Every pieces are passing leakage control system before delivery.

All SANWA products with 100% of pieces must pass the quality control process before delivery with automatic leak tester to ensure that SANWA products are high quality water supply, worthy of use and long lasting.

The latest technology and high-quality manufacturing with European standard

In the process of assembling parts in the production line, SANWA uses innovative automatic assembly machines to assemble products. All products are made of the same standards, that make the products are standardized, durable and long lasting.

Made of high quality brass with brass features which is strong, durable,  safe and environmentally friendly according to Japanese industrial standards JIS (Japaness Industrial Standards)

Qualification of DZR ;

  • High strength
  • No rust
  • Durable, suitable for tap water
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable

Compare lifetime when used with tap water.

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