In 2010, Drago was founded. In 2005, Asahi-Thai Alloy Company Limited, a manufacturer of high-quality water meters and plumbing equipment under the SANWA ASAHI ATACO RAMBO brand, was chosen to construct a water supply system enhancement project for the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) project under the scope of work.
When it comes to “water,” the existing water supply has a different impact on how much water users consume. Is the difference between what is “lost water” and where it goes, such as leaking pipes or water theft, significant? Without a robust review and management system, finding these answers is challenging. As a result, for the water supply organization to be necessary, it must have a solid water loss management system. Modern information systems and technologies are now being utilized to aid in the storage of data such as the amount of water in the system, water consumption, water flow rate, water pressure, and so on. It also aids in data analysis and presentation in various reports. Effective water loss management is in place. It also aids in the organization’s systematic management. The “Water Loss Management System” was successfully developed.
From over 70 years of experience in the water supply and sanitation system with various government and private agencies nationwide, as well as participation in the development of water supply system improvement projects to reduce water loss as part of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s (MEA) Water Reduction Project. With an understanding of Thailand’s water supply system and the project’s success in reducing water loss in all Bangkok regions, we are devoted to continuously creating solutions with current technology to enable consumers and entrepreneurs to utilize modern technologies for handling water and electricity systems for public and private sector computers and cellphones. It will save time, minimize water waste, and increase quality of life in the digital age by being convenient, accurate, and rapid.
Drago was the inspiration for the brand name Drago, which was created by Mr. Pongsak Chindasook (2nd generation executive). According to Chinese beliefs, it means “dragon” or “god of water,” and it signifies “managing and directing the entire water system.”