: Firmness texture, High elastic, Can be wrapped tightly to the threaded, no leakage problem
: Sticky texture, when pulled apart, the thread tape is not flaky
: Thickness, difficult to tear can be unpacked to re-wrap
: Wide 12 mm. , Thickness 0.1 mm. and Length 10 m.

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Every pieces are passing leakage control system before delivery.

All SANWA products with 100% of pieces must pass the quality control process before delivery with automatic leak tester to ensure that SANWA products are high quality water supply, worthy of use and long lasting.

The latest technology and high-quality manufacturing with European standard

In the process of assembling parts in the production line, SANWA uses innovative automatic assembly machines to assemble products. All products are made of the same standards, that make the products are standardized, durable and long lasting.