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Swing Check Valve DZR

Swing Check Valve DZR is a high-quality product. It functions for controlling the water flow into the same direction. The gate will be shut automatically if there is any reverse water flow in the pipeline.

The product is made of DZR brass, the premium grade of brass that enhance the resistance of chemical corrosion than the typical brass. High technology is used in production to make a better smooth appearance without any tiny holes, no chance of leakage (Hot Forging for1/2” – 1.1/4” and Low Pressure Die Casting for 1.1/2” – 4”).
Every single pieces of Swing Check Valve DZR has been tested for leakage and water pressure before distributed.



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สปริงเช็ควาล์ว (รูเต็ม) ซันวา

Spring Check Valve is appropriate for water pumping system, which can be installed in bothorizontal h and vertical direction. It allows one direction-water flow. The valve will be closed by spring power in order to protect the equipment in case of water hammer. Every piece is passing quality control system before delivery. We guarantee our Spring Check Valve is one of the best "SANWA" products.


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Spring Foot Valve SANWA is non-return valve with spring system, generally used in a suction pipe of a pump to prevent backward f low of water. Together with stainless steel f ilter , it percolates undesirable subjects that could f3low into the pump and secures expansive lifetime of the pump. The valve is “zero leakage” sealed a disc, attached to spring power system. Body of valve is made of high quality hot forging brass, thus no rust and high durable, and able to withstand water pressure up to 16 bar. Therefore, it can be used in a wide range, both the underground water tank and agricultural pool. Every unit of Spring Foot Valve SANWA has passed quality control system from our factory.


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