It is made of high quality brass and shaped by hot forging, which is the latest technology from Italy. Instead of rubber, teflon is used as ring to support the ball to protect against seepage and leakage, to provide smooth opening and closing and extending life of usage. The ball controls the flow of the water is made of brass and being rustless till the product life. The handle is made of aluminium die casting and epoxy coating coloration that is rustless throughout the usage period. Every ball valve is tested for leakage before sales.The body is chrome plated.


Dimensions มิติ (mm.)

Model Size A B C D E F G
BV 15 MM 1/2" 48 PT 1/2" 37 10 29 24 15


Materials วัสดุ

ชิ้นส่วน วัสดุ
1. Handie Aluminium
2. Stem Brass Rod
3. Handie Screw Stainless Steel
4. Body Forging Brass
5. Ball Brass Rod
6. Seat Teflon
7. Cover Forging Brass
8. O-Ring NBR



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