Water Meter GMK Plastic ASAHI

The water meters Asahi GMK (Plastic Body Casing) housing and the cover is made of Nory Resin Plastic Composite plastics to withstand the pressure 17.5 bar (KG/Cm2) resistant to water absorption (Low Water Absorption) and suitable for fluid engineering. (Fluld Engineer) the design of the Multi Jet water meters under the case are two separate This one is.

Water Meter WVM ASAHI

Asahi water meters. Water meters are manufactured in Thailand. The water meters. For use in water only. Made from high quality ingredients that can be protected from corrosion. And last for a long water meters Asahi powered magnetic rotor 2 and the volume of water that is arranged in a straight line. Can be read easily. Jane has a dial and polished. Dry throughout the lifespan. The system. It was sealed in a vacuum cystic. And work with magnets. Of rotation will take you directly to the system, which is associated with a moving magnet. As a result, the measurement accuracy. Even at low flow rates.

Water Meter GMK ASAHI

The “GMK” Model Water Meters fall under the group of Inferential Meters and has Complete Dry-Dial, Direct Magnetic-Drive, Straight Line Reading and Multi Jet Principle. The water enters into the Meter through the inlet pipe and properly designed. Strainer, and affects its action upon the Vane Wheel. The particular advantage of this Meter is the Magnetic transmission directly from the Vane Wheel to the Register hermetically sealed, the Register is thus completely isolated from the water, and is incorporated in a Dry Dial and is provided with Magnet Protection Ring.